I grew up in a small Canadian town of 2300 people and just one yellow pedestrian light. I have since traveled the world, lived in multiple countries, learned two languages (Thai and Lao), filmed and flown drones around the world, led as creative director of the BYU AdLab, and stumbled into art direction. 

I say "stumbled" because I'm not a traditional art director. Never took a design class. Completely self-taught. I was more of a content creator, video editor, and figure-outer. But ultimately, I just want to make cool and smart stuff; so art direction allows me to be a Swiss Army knife and dive into whatever art form, technology, or tool fits the idea best. 
CONTACT | 775-737-6110
Energy BBDO
Junior Art Director  •  May 2018 – Present
Mars/Wrigley – Extra | SC Johnson – Windex, Raid | Bayer – Claritin, Dr. Scholl's, One A Day
New biz wins: Ocean Spray, Claritin Social
Creative Director  •  May 2017 – April 2018
Content Creator  •   September 2016 – April 2018
Nike | Stance | Amazon Alexa | Beats by Dre | Facebook | Skullcandy | Intellibed
18 years in Canada. 4 years in the USA. 1.5 years in Thailand. 1 year in Laos. 3 months in New Zealand. 2 months studying in Europe. Filmed and flew drones in Chile and Ecuador. Relaxed in Mexico.
Young Ones Portfolio Award | The One Club 🤘🏼
One More Giant Leap: College Emmy Nominee  | 2x Gold 2x Silver ADC Cube - Art Directors Club | Silver Clio - Editing, 2x Bronze Clio - Sound Design, Direction | National Gold Addy, AAF National Best of Show | Gold - The Telly Awards
Emoji Extinction: Young Ones Bronze Pencil - The One Club | National Silver Addy
Made of Money: Bronze Cube - Art Directors Club
Sheet Music: D&AD New Blood Pencil
Unholy War - Music Video: Art Directors Club Merit
Technology with a Brain: Young Ones Bronze Pencil - The One Club
Venmo the Homeless: Regional Gold Addy - AAF District 12
GiftAds: Silver Addy - AAF Utah
Assisted Mobility: Official Selection - Santa Cruz Film Festival 🎥