One More Giant Leap
Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Recently, GE has been pulling for more women in STEM careers, and supporting the many dreams of women, and minorities. ‘One More Giant Leap” hopes to champion imagination, so that dreamers like Polly can reach the stars.
College Emmy Nominee
2x Gold, 2x Silver - Art Directors Club
Silver Clio - Editing
2x Bronze Clio - Sound Design, Direction
AAF National Best of Show, Gold and Silver Addy's
Gold - The Telly Awards 
I was on the creative team. We worked together to come up with the idea and how to tell the story right. I helped write the initial script. During production I was casting director, producer, editor and in charge of all the VFX such as TV displays, projector, and animation.

Producer: Scott James
Creative Producer/Editor: Jason Murray
Art & Production Design: Taylor Dahl, Alexa Spiroff
Copywriter: Chase Johnson
Director: Jed Thunnell
Director of Photography: Josh Contor


Taylor Dahl killed it on the set design! He let me build the chair...